Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When A Cold Wind Blows It Chills You

PM: 10 Miles, 66:30, Easy Running around the East Side

Tonight felt Baltic in scope. It was 17 Degrees with the wind chill and despite this being a pretty regular winter temperature it is still only mid November and a little too early for this kind of cold. I struggled to warm up and I really was going through the motions. Now that may sound kind of negative but believe me I was extremely happy the entire way. Rather I just took it easy, listened to Cut Copy, and kept it as flat as I could. I was actually supposed to do a double day today but I failed to check my training schedule last night and assumed it was a single run. Tomorrow I'll run twice. I am still getting to grips with having a schedule and I love it. The concept of not thinking and just following is definitely something I've missed in my training over the last year.

In other news, I got the chance today to hear the new Franz Ferdinand single taken from their forthcoming album due out in Jan. I never bought into the FF hype but I do think they are a decent band. The track I heard today was pretty good. Very Franz sounding but with more of an electronic feel. They have certainly expanded their instrumentation, a characteristic that I personally enjoy. But tonight on the miles was all about the album "In Ghost Colors", by Cut Copy. These three guys from Melbourne , Australia are another one of the many retro nu wave 1980's throw back acts, although they are one of the best. I had listened to their Fabric Live DJ mix many times and loved it. When a friend asked me had I heard their new album (I had not at the time) I searched my iTunes and realized I had one track from an urban outfitters comp and obviously the Fabric Live mix. So I bought the below album and I do love it. I have included a link to an mp3 of their live performance on The Carson Daly show. Its a decent recording so check it!


  1. have heard of those boys but haven't listened to them. might check them out. yeh the u2 and Joy Division link is madness. JD have influenced so many of today's bands through their music but you'd forget that U2 were influenced by actually being in the studio with the u2 by u2 book, its amazing. talks all about it. bono said they were like little kids at xmas seeing the JD boys but came away from it thinking "jesus that Ian Curtis fella is a bit intense isn't he?"

  2. alright kel, just seeing your blog for the first time, great stuff! Still on the joy division theme, you have to watch 'Joy Division'. A documentary that came out last year about the great band, excellent stuff with great footage and interviews with all the (alive) bank members and tony wilson etc. A must see, prob get it on amazon. Nice