Friday, November 14, 2008

A Ball Of Yarn

PM: 7.2 Miles, no time, fast. Fruit Loop, Blvd.

Ran quick because it was awesome out. Dark, rain, and humidity. Love these conditions so picked it up. A wave of horror did wash over me when I realized that my shuffle was empty of juice but I decided I need to do some runs without it because the first step is admitting you have an addiction, and I think I have an addiction to my shuffle.

Yesterday I listened to Bjork Homogenic through three times, and I repeated the songs Unravel and Joga several times more. This is obviously an older album but it is far and away my favorite Bjork album and one I can listen to over and over. This was my first visit in a while and it still sounds really uplifting to me.

I have yet to really think about the Terrier Classic. I was going to avoid indoor since I am pretty much freaked out by anything that increases my already uneven leg length. But to line up next to McArdle would be great fun. Either way, I can accept because I have no doubt that Tom will pretend his knee is too sore or that he has a mysterious hamstring/calf/hip injury and he will pull out. Lets hope it happens but I am not holding my breath. The session of scoops after though would be well worth it.

Preace and Love

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