Sunday, November 23, 2008

Take Back The Spade

AM: 13 Miles, 1:20:12, Wakefield Bike Path

I went with the crew to watch a road race this morning and jumped on a bike path for my own training. Let me tell ya, I felt pretty tired for some reason today but I have promised to never complain or get down about feeling tired. Being healthy is what its all about. Feeling tired is easy to deal with. So with that being said I jogged a couple of easy warm up miles and then ran 11 miles floating along at about 5:50 pace. It was fantastic, every step was magical and the mile markers just kept flying by. I was on my tod so I listened to a completely eclectic selection. Everything from The Smiths to Wolf Parade to Minimal Techno from Matt Star. Got back to the race to find everyone had already cooled down so I joined the crew in a pint of Narragansett. From start to finish todays training was exactly what I love about running.

I just ended my 5th week back after my lengthy lay off and I feel great. Week 5 looked like this:

: PM: 8 Miles Steady W/ Strides, Blvd

: AM: Workout, 4 Mile Tempo Run, 20:20, 2.5 WU/CD Total 9 Miles
Wednesday: PM: 10 Miles Easy, East Side
: AM: 4 Miles Easy, PM: 7 Miles Steady

Friday: PM: 6 Miles Steady
: AM: 8 Miles Steady/Fast Blvd, PM: 5 Miles Steady Blvd

Sunday: AM: 13 Miles Steady/Quick, Wakefield Bike Path

Total Miles: 70 Miles, 9 Runs, 1 Workout. Great week. Felt superb.

On the tunage front, I purchased some new minimal techno today as I needed a dose of new sounds. Got the Matt Star Album "The Art Of M", and it is very good. I have not really sat down and listened right through but I plan on doing that tonight. Love the techno, always.

Entering week 6 I am feeling generally optimistic. I just cannot fall into old habits of running fast everyday and not taking the time to sit down and recover. The go go go attitude needs to stop and I need to listen to lots of good music and read lots of good books in order to keep my arse in the chair and my feet in the air.

Peace and Love,


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  1. 70 miles, good job. One nice thing about being out it of shape is you can feel the improvement each day. Stay focused on real improvement and not just increasing the miles. Keep bringing the energy to the running and writing.