Sunday, November 30, 2008

Instruments & Novelties


The week ended up as follows:
Monday: AM: 8 Miles, PM: 4.2 Miles -- Both Steady Runs

Tuesday: AM: Tempo Run and Light Reps, Treadmill, Tot. 9 Miles
Wednesday: AM: 8.2 Miles, PM: 4 Miles -- Both Steady Runs

Thursday: PM: 10 Miles, Fruit Loop, Blvd

Friday: AM: 8 Miles Easy, Blvd

Saturday: AM: 13 Miles, Bike Path

Sunday: NO RUN

Week Total 64.4 Miles, 8 Runs.

Great week again, I would easily have been over 70 miles if I ran today but I am taking a few days to make sure this quad gets much better!

Today I took full advantage of my freedom from running. I did have a moment of major temptation to hit the roads or at least get on my bike but a project revolving around getting some albums I had missed out on over the last few months consumed me. I picked up

Explosions In The Sky "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place"
Beck "Modern Guilt"
Bloc Party "Intimacy"
Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend"
Ulrich Schnauss "Goodbye"
Crystal Castles "Crystal Castles"

And the best album I think I picked up was AIR "Pocket Symphony". And not just becasue it is produced by Radioheadist Nigel Godrich. I've been meaning to get this album over the last year because I loved the track "Somewhere Between Walking And Sleeping", but I do need to listen to these albums over a few times. The tracks on this Air Album are more acoustic/piano driven and less electronic focused or so it seems on first listen. Although for a more traditional Air track, "Mer Du Japon" is amazing. The tracks have a pretty immediate impact so that tends to mean a good album and one I recomend you purchase.

Track Download - "Somewhere Between Walking and Sleeping" -- Air

Note: Track will be up for a few days. If you like it BUY THE ALBUM

In other news, I had a great crew over at the house. Francine threw together a nice meal and we had Paddy Moulton and Katie, Ben, Martin Fagan, and Andrew Carlson along with some Gansetts. Good energy and laughs. Just what I needed after a bit of a down day with no running and a bit of pain.

I plan on taking tomorrow off but if I feel better in the evening I may jump on the bike. I am not super concerned because to be quite frank I assumed I'd have more pain than this on the return and I've been lucky to get through 5 weeks with some seamless training.

Keeping the faith


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  1. i personally love once upon a time on pocket also gotta love jarvis on vocals on one hell of a party. check out jarvis' solo album...especially the song don't let him waste your time...been listening to this album loads too