Monday, November 24, 2008

Run To The Lights Of The City

AM: 8 Miles, 52 Minutes, Fruit Loop, Blvd
PM: 4.2 Miles, 27:18, Blvd

Yesterday Martin Fagan sent me a text message. Basically he said he had one of the best runs of his life and that he played "Strangers In The Wind" by Cut Copy on repeat. On so many levels I can really appreciate this. Like Mr Fagan I too repeat this track on my runs along with some other Cut Copy songs that I have told you about. The title of this blog is the opening line of the chorus. I love the Lindsay Buckingham style intro before the beautiful pads and drums kick in. I can also appreciate this text because not only did I myself have a great run that day but my mentality is such that I have great runs everyday. Once I get from point A to point B free of pain in my joints, tendons, ligaments etc it is a beautiful run and one of the best runs of my life. Like I mentioned yesterday Pain as a result of fatigue is something I welcome. I want more of it and long durations of pain. Pain and general discomfort assoicated with running hard is one of the best and most uplifting experiences I can have.

Both runs today were nothing short of brilliant. This morning I was giving myself time checks to make sure I was not running too hard. I listened to some Aphex Twin and James Zabiela to get myself nice and chilled. This afternoon was the same. There is a 4.5 mile tempo effort on schedule for tomorrow and I can't sleep because I am beyond excited at getting after it again.

I worked from home today and this evening I had to go to Lowell, MA for a volunteer appreciation event at the Brewery Exchange. This is grassroots running at its New England finest. Lowell is a pretty depressed town but they get behind the Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon with great passion and pride. This is why Reebok sponsors it and it is why I love working with these guys.

I also stayed home because like many of the other distance running fans out there I needed to watch the NCAA XC champs on the tele. I had my friend and Iona Grad Vinny Mulvey on the old MSN and he was watching it streaming on the computer back in the homeland.

What a great race. Just seeing the teams line up sent me into major flashback mode. I had the nerves in my stomach just watching them line up. Rupp is an extremely well put together runner and he was never getting beaten today. Sam Chelanga ran his balls off but I truly don't think there was anything he could do. Mr Andrew Ledwith ran AMAZING. No one picked the Meath man for third. I certainly didn't and he is from a neighbouring county to me! I'm delighted for him and it really gives me confidence that the Irish team can do great at Euro XC with Mr Fagan, Carroll, Murray, Christie and McCormack all running very well.

Dave McCarthy had a great showing in 19th for the friars and the future looks bright for this young team. Soph, 2 freshmen and a junior as top 4. 21st this year, top 10 next year. PC women did pretty great too finishing 13th after a lackluster season. I think Ray was only a couple of weeks away from having a top 6 womens team but injuries are a part of the game and those missed summer and early season miles put a couple of the girls in the seasonal chase pack. I know how they felt, I used to do the same except I was not injured I was just attending too many summer raves!

Life right now is devoid of complaints. Twice a day running gives me so much joy and with little work on this week I intend on maximizing my training and recovery. So much energy and so little ability to let it loose. Need to be careful and stay free of injury. This time no cracks will appear beneath the veneer. Bedways is bestways,

Peace and Love,


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  1. What did you think of Rupp's Pre-like run waiting until the final 400? What happened to OSU? Even without German it was a dismal performance. Our local UAA came up small in the DII nats. I guess we had too many Kenyans and not enough hats and gloves.