Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Say The Right Things When Electioneering

PM: Tempo Run, 3.5 Miles 18 Minutes, 5:07, 5:10, 5:08, 2:34. 3.5 mile WU, 3 Mile CD (10 Tot)

Felt like absolute crap during this run. Warm up was nice and I bumped into Mark Carroll and Amy Rudolph so ended up running a little extra. Felt like I was going to cruise but my legs were dead and after a 5:07 which felt much faster I backed off a few seconds and kept it a little more steady. Thought I'd feel great but that was far from the case. My back and legs still feel sore from the expo and I was slapping the ground. It wasn't a nice effort but I kept it under control and its another tempo in the legs and money in the bank.

Had some stress at work which obviously didn't help and then I had to watch Liverpool get lucky against Athletico Madrid.........not good at all. But I listened to some good sounds. Kicked off mile one with some Sigur Ros and then got into Fred Falke for mile 2. Closed with Tom Middleton under his Cosmos guise and a great track titled "Take me with you"

On the cool down I listened to the Paul Kalkbrenner album "Berlin Calling", which I love. Need to give it more of a listen but it was a perfect soundtrack to finish off the cool down. So I am off to do some Yoga to try and open up these very stiff hips of mine. And then I will come home in time to watch Mr. Obama take it down!!!!

Peace , Love, Berlin Calling...


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