Sunday, November 16, 2008


AM: 12.25 Miles, 1:14:45, Blvd, Fruit Loop

Fantastic morning run. Started out with Coxy for 6 miles and tacked on another 6 myself at a slightly quicker pace. The whole run was brilliant. A typical fall day in New England and a great way to cap off the week. Had to borrow francines iPod since mine is still at Reebok. Uploaded some Paul Kalkbrenner and then finished off the run with some Stars and Teenagers. All good, all positive and all uplifting. Not to mention the great running by the PC Crew at Regionals. Ray has the troops rounding into great shape at the right time!

Week 4 ended up as Follows:

Monday: AM: 8miles Easy, Dallas Bike Path
Tuesday: AM: 7 Miles, Easy, Dallas Bike Path
Wednesday: AM: Workout, Tempo 5k, 15:25, Some Park and Bike Path In Dallas Tot 8 Miles
Thursday: OFF, Long Day Of Travel
Friday: PM: 7.2 Miles, Easy/Steady, Blvd
Saturday: AM: 8 Miles Steady, Blvd
PM: 5.2 Miles, 34 Minutes, Blvd
Sunday: AM: 12.25 Miles, 1:14:45, Blvd, Fruit Loop.

Week Total: 55.65 Miles 6 Days. Another solid comeback week. Stay Consistent and Solid.

Peace And Lovism,


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  1. yo Kelrock its gleason it's been a long time hope all is well tell francine I said hi. Just saw doyle and buzz at ri ra friday e-mail me when u get a chance