Friday, November 28, 2008

Well Adjusted

AM: 8 Miles Easy, Blvd, Fruit Loop

Ran 52 minutes of Martins 70 minute AM run. It was great to run from start to finish with another human being. The quad and my right side in general feels a little off. I definitely strained something from my T--Mill session on Tuesday. This easy day was just what I needed although it was very tempting to continue on and run the whole 70 minutes with Martin. The vino I drank yesterday despite being delicious did leave my foggy when I woke up. But the run was just the ticket to snap me back into hands in the air mode.

The rest of the day so far has consisted of eating and sharing music. Since fagan and I have pretty similar taste I needed a few things off his computer and my mission has been just that, burning mp3 files to CD or figuring out some software to download so I can just snag the stuff. I think the latter will be the option. I want the Vampire Weekend self titled album. My friend Vinny Mulvey also recommended it.I've been listening to some of the tracks on their myspace page and one or two are pretty good. Although their are some very average tracks. It is always better to listen to an album straight through to really get a feel for what the tracks are about.

I was planning on jumping into a race tomorrow morning but my slightly gimp right side has shelved that plan. I am going to just stick to the schedule and run the 13 miles easy with Fagan and Marl Carroll. This evening however calls for some good grub, fantasy football changes, maybe a pint, and better times all round.

Loving running and loving music more than ever,


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  1. Hope you listen to yourself and stay away from that race. Running hard and maybe, maybe not be gimped up won't be as valuable as being able to train with the great trainig mates you have at your disposal now. The races will be there later. Great training partners may not.