Friday, November 14, 2008

WEDNESDAY November 12th

AM: Workout Tempo, 5k, 15:25, No Splits, 2.5 Mile WU/CD Total 8 miles

So I was coaxed into running the Indy 5k (indy being a reference to Independent retailers) since all the brands and retailers would be showing up. We met at the shocking hour of 6:15 in the AM and I was nursing a slight hangover since I had a few Shiners the night before. I occasionally walk and mind a dog named after this beer although the dog is a 10 out of 10 the beer is about a 3 in my opinion.

So I had no plans to do a race but work called and Mr Treacy will understand. I had no intention of running very hard but not wearing a watch I got caught up in the pace of ex Big Green stalwart Ray Pugsley. We were dropped by about 5 Tech Rep dudes that had the racing flats on and were getting after the first place "pride" prize. After halfway I actually felt great. Not tired at all so I passed Pugs and decided I would catch the winner. This was not to be however, the gap was too much and the Mizuno dude who won was too far ahead at the turn around. I may have made up a 20 seconds but with no flats, and really no interest in causing any pain to my body I had to settle for 3rd place and another good workout.

Back to the hotel and a lash of venti starbucks was just the ticket to see me hit the expo firing on all cylinders. I made the decision right there that I was taking Thursday off. I thought about the advice I've been getting from my peers and I know Ray would not like to see me force out miles at 6 AM after an expo all day and evening socialising. With that knowledge in hand I really enjoyed the event. Hung for the top 50 awards with the Run Co boys and watched a lot of my local retailers pick up top 50 awards including The Run Co, Rhode Runner, and Skinny Raven. Furthermore JC from the Skinny Raven was not running next morning and advised me on a day off so after an evening of speeches we hit the front bar and had a great time.

I travelled back next day and actually felt great. Long day but nothing that a little sleep in today didn't fix. Buzzing to get back into the swing of things so I'll be back on regular posting this evening. I need to check out a little challenge of a race that has made the blogosphere gossip circle. Apparently there has been talk of a 5k dual at Terrier Classic offered by Tom McArdle. The word around the campfire in TX was that Tom needs motivation so he wants to race. This is dangerous for both of us but yet very exciting at the same time. I will be reading Tom's Blog to find out what its all about. Watch this space.

Love Kel

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  1. Nice run Keith. You looked easy out there. Thanks for the mention Shiner. Personally, I give it a 7-8 but since I wasn't raised on Guinness, lack your depth of experience and overall consumption of scoops I will defer. Rock on bro.