Monday, November 3, 2008


PM: 8 Miles, easy easy. Fruit loop, Blvd.

Was going to take another day off but thought a sneaky test might be just the trick. Had a lash of coffee and chocolate in Mark Carrolls so I was very hyped up and bouncing off the walls. To take another day off would have been painful. I passed the test when after 5 minutes and a blast of "Champu" by Daniel Diamond, a music producer/porn dude, I felt bouncy and pain free. Kept trucking and backed off the pace for an easy run.

The second half of the run I listened to about 25 minutes of the new GU by Nick Warren. These mixes seriously lack for me these days. Maybe I am just old and grumpy but listening to Sasha San Francisco makes these mixes seem average. With so much music available on the internet, especially live DJ sets it surprises me that these mixes still have a following. I will be posting some independent mixes from DJ friends over the next few weeks starting tomorrow. In all fairness though I need to listen to Nick's mix from start to finish before I pass judgement but with so much music to get through its going to be tough. Right now, without giving it a rank I will say its OK, progressive house that would sound better if I was in a dark club with a bunch of sweaty, beautiful people. A nice highlight though is the inclusion of Panoptic "Surface", this tune came out a few years back and I always found it very uplifting.

Back in the saddle after a few days and it feels oh so nice,

Love Kel

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