Sunday, November 9, 2008


PM: 12 Miles, hard running.

Actually the run was more like 13+ but I am calling it 12 because that is what was planned as my first long run and that is what I set out to do. Here's the Skinny. I am in Dallas for the Running Event. I went on an out and back and after realizing that the run was shitty I decided to explore and find another way back. I was directed to a bike path after 8 odd miles and I went left instead of right. I was also running fast as was told to me by the bike path measurements. I got to a line that said 3.5 miles and I asked a passer by did that mean the city was 3.5 miles away. And naturally it was so I was over 9 miles in and I had to get back to a meeting so I hammered the last 3.5 and that left me a good 3/4 mile from the hotel. My three miles on the path were 5:40, 5:44, 5:35 and I had a relaxed jog in due to traffic light stops. Anyway, it was hot and now I am dehydrated and feel like ass. But the week ended great and my legs feel fantastic so its all cool n' the gang.

Week Ended:

Monday: PM 8 Miles Easy
Tuesday: PM Workout, tempo run, 3.5 miles, 18 Minutes, 10 miles total.
Wednesday: PM 7 Miles Easy
Thursday: AM 10.1 Miles Steady
Friday: AM 5.2 Miles Easy
Saturday: AM 7.45 Miles Easy, PM 4.25 Miles Steady, (11.7)
Sunday: PM 12 Miles Hard

Week Total: 64 Miles. Great Week, very happy.

No other news to report. No new music, just the soundtrack of the classtic TV show "Dallas" playing in my head. My Ma used to watch Dallas and I find it very interesting that I am now sitting in a hotel writing this blog in the middle of the city.

Peace and Love,



  1. You coming through austin with Mark? We could do a few miles, fill a few boots. Let me know, we've got room for both of you if need be.


  2. my ma and da used to watch dallas too and i thought it was very rude back in the day!!! the second i saw your blog entry today the song started going through my head...ironically enough i'm not sure if you know this or not but the cast of dallas met yesterday at the Ewing branch to celebrate Dallas starting 30 years ago on the day you wrote that blog...unbelievable coincidence or what?? i swear to god, i'm not making this shit up....

    can't get that tune out of my de, de de, de de de de de de, de de de de de de