Friday, November 7, 2008

Parlour Steps

AM: 5.2 Miles, 33:20. Blvd

Easy Day running with Wykes who is in town for NE Cross Champs this Sunday on the Franklin Park stomping grounds. Days like this make me wish I was not back on a schedule because I felt great and the weather was fantastic. Didn't want to stop, but these days are just as important as the big days.........

New Music has been to the forefront of my efforts over the past week and I have found something that I like a lot. Canada is pumping out more bands than Nate Jenkins is miles and they are all brilliant. I was cruising the blogosphere and stumbled across Parlour Steps. These guys are an intoxicating blend of Arcade Fire meets Wolf Parade meets Stars meets Nu Wave, and like the bands they sound similar to they are from the great white north. Well Vancouver which I don't think is really white, rather grey? I love it and listened to tracks on their myspace all day. Personal favorites in my first 12 hours of listening are "World As Large" and "Thieves Of Memory". But really every song on the album is worth a listen and very uplifting. Does great things to enhance ones mood. Check it.



  1. You've finally made it on the daily runaround blogroll. Expect heavy traffic delays.

  2. glad that you liked the jape video i posted...its really weird coz a fella i know in london who i went to school with told me about parlour steps before...he really knows his music and told me about them about 2 years ago at oxegen...i think he spent some time in canada so maybe he heard about them then...i never listened to him though so i've yet to hear what they are like. gonna download some stuff now...i'll let you know....