Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Might Be Wrong

AM: 8.25 Miles, 49:00, Fruit Loop, Blvd
PM: 4 Miles, 26:00, Blvd

Another double day in the bag, and what a glorious day it was. This morning I could not help but run quick, even though it was supposed to be an easy day. Great sounds coming out of the shuffle and some awesome weather. I did my afternoon run when it was pitch dark and the hard part was again stopping. This theme of wanting to do more but actually stopping has been reoccurring over the last 3 weeks and on two levels I am so happy. First off, I love the fact that I do not want to stop on my runs. Second, I love the fact that despite wanting to do more I actually stop! This would never have happened last year. But this is a new era.

Today I listened to loads of Radiohead and some Grizzly Bear. The latter band opened up for Radiohead on the second leg of their US Tour. I never gave them much of a listen because I had to many other bands to hear but lately I have been visiting their back catalog. I need a few more listens before I past judgement.

There is a new Cure tribute album out called "Perfect As Cats". I have been toying around with buying this album because it sounds pretty good. Bat For Lashes Covers "A Forest", which is an amazing Cure song. I listened to this track from her myspace page
So there is a lot of stuff I need to post up here and this weekend is going to be the start of it. I really have a lot of music that I want to upload to encourage some album purchases. But right now I am focusing on the new videos for Radiohead tracks that won the competition. Yes, Radiohead allowed users to upload their own videos for selected tracks and the winners, well their work was selected as the official video. Thats the difference.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving and when I think of TG I think of The Manchester Road Race. I have a couple of mates, namely Mr Martin Fagan, and Mr Mark Carroll running so I am sending my energy their way. And as for Turkey, well we won't be participating since we have given up on flesh but I will have some high grade vino that I received from various people over the last few months. Vino and good sounds, lovely.

Lets go down the waterfall,
Think about the good times and never look back.

Peace and Lovism,


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