Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hungry? Sick? Begging For A Break?

AM: 7 Miles, No Time, Bike Path Dallas

Galloway style run/walk for about half a mile and then we got rolling. Bit of a bizzar run to be honest. Met the entire running show for a 3.5 mile jaunt to Luke's Locker where Brekkie was being served. We ran pretty hard since it was pissing down rain. I got to the store, exchanged pleasantries, turned around and ran back. Nothing exciting about todays athletics. Another morning of meetings and coffee juice.

Dallas just lacks a bit of energy for me. Don't get me wrong, there is a good laugh to be had with the retailers over some evening scoops, but as a city I don't really see what the buzz is. I am going down to check out the grassy knoll and the book depository to see what that craic is all about. Otherwise its just another day in Paradise.

Peace and Lovism



  1. I believe the proper terminology is "Gallowalking".

  2. Hey keith kelly it's been a long time how are tings. I am happy to here you are back running. I am as well but I am not sure what I am running for or from for that matter. I got this blog site from mario and I would love to get back in contact my e-mail is gleasonp@grafton.k12.ma.us and my cell is 774-230-0376 hope to here from u soon best of luck - Pete Gleason