Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back To Basics

Week 2 has ended and already I have fallen into McArdlesque days off and general soreness. I promised myself I'd run today and even went as far as getting the gear on but my back is in ribbons. I think I threw it out at the expo and despite the fact that I feel soft for talking a third day off I got the green light off Ray to have another day off. Instead I went to bloomingdales and checked out fashion before having a cup of tea with Derek Holland who landed himself a 2:40 in the marathon.

Week ended up as follows

Monday: AM 7 Miles Easy
Tuesday: PM Workout, Tempo run 15:20 for 3 Miles, Total 9 Miles
AM: 8 Miles Easy
AM 7 Miles Easy
Saturday: OFF

Week Total: 31 Miles
. Not worried about the few days off. Head Cold out of the way and its only my 5th week of running since March so its still positive.

The NYC Marathon was great. Paula Radcliff continues to be an inspirational figure in the running world and wire to wire victories are a rareity these days. Mens race was fantastic too and Gomes ran a clever race to pull out the win.

Waking up and watching the marathon with a mild to moderate hangover and a sore back doesn't do much for the soul. Tomorrow is another day and the start of another week so time to get stuck into some minimal techno, Chuck Palahniuk, and sweats for general pre sleep relaxation.

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