Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Poor Man's Memory

AM: 14.3 Miles, 1:23:40, Hard Running

Since I had a day off yesterday and actually slept last night I felt really alive this morning. I did my long run and set out at a steady pace. I progressed to a fast last 4 miles (20:50) I had no intention of getting down to tempo pace but the tunes were pumping in my shuffle and I felt great. The only downside is that my knee started hurting immediately after and now it is inflamed. This is very frustrating. The weather was cold at the start and I nearly opted for the treadmill but I am so glad I didn't because it warmed up very quickly. Overall it was a great morning of training and sets me up for a good night out at the PC hoops game.

People have been very supportive since we were all let go from Reebok and it is really refreshing and inspirational to have such selfless, caring friends. I must thank John Clark for the kind words on his blog. It is very easy to question yourself when you loose your Job. Was I good enough? What could I have done better? But JC's post really lifted my spirits. Thanks me man!

I have not listened to any new music in weeks. This will be remedied over the next few weeks while the Job search continues. Any recommendations are welcome. Until tomorrow,

Peace and Love,


M83 - You, Appearing. Such an emotional and very beautiful song.


  1. how about becoming a pimp???? lol..u can join my pimp posse!!
    take care kelrock


  2. i think the other days workout served notice to stay far away from the track. You've said it many times before that you get fit amazingly fast. that said fitness doesnt always mean strong and after all the time spent jumping from running to be injured i would continue to just log miles and tempos. Racing season is still a long way off so slow it down and stay the course. Winter is for toughening up.

    on a sidebar how do you feel about M83 opening up for the killers? Id rather see them somewhere smaller but i must hand it to the killers, they have made the worst song of recent memory and im dumbfounded how people dig it. WTF does "are we human or are we dancer" mean?

  3. Get that ice on the knee and keep doing some supplemental strength work to strengthen the knee to take the work. Still need to talk with you about biking.

  4. keith,

    hey man, sorry to hear about the job loss. really sad how far the tentacles of this financial meltdown are reaching...but you'll land on your feet in no time.

    as for the job search, your sales skills will always be in demand and there is no better gig to balance with your training than that...happy to offer advice on getting a sales gig outside of running industry if it interests you offline over email. if you have an email i'll catch you there (rather do that than on a blog).

    peace -

  5. Keith,
    Reillser here. It looks like we have a lot to discuss. I lost your number so shoot me an email. I am off work tomorrow,may head into providence for a run. Hopefully your knee is recovered so let me know if you want to get out.