Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Broken Social Scene

AM: 12 Miles, 1:15:20, From BSC followed by Core Work

Great morning of training. It was cold so I decided to hit the BSC but got running outside since it was clear and dry. I got back and finished a few miles on the T-Mill and then hit the mats for some general strength bollix. I started out easy but going very hard by the end. I felt completely recovered from yesterday which is exactly how I should feel since it was only a tempo.

After that I was with the crew from Ireland and we went shopping and had some good energy and vibes on the go. AS220 for dinner followed by Tazza for coffee. Living the dream in Providence as an unemployed running industry guy. Overall, I am buzzing about feeling good running this morning and I am looking forward to a double run tomorrow.

Tonight is all about watching the premier of season 2 of Flight Of The Concords. I know it was on Sunday but thats what on-demand is for. I love these guys, the humor, the songs and the general energy around the half hour. It puts a smile on my face everytime. Until tomorrow its lots of peace and love. Enjoy the training and listen to plenty of good music.


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