Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Time

AM: 4.25 Miles, 27:55, Blvd, Easy
PM: 8.56 Miles, 55:40, Milton Loop From RBK, Steady. YOGA

Finally got to listen to my Interpol playlist today. I started this morning while running an easy loop of the Blvd. Despite the cold temps I actually felt pretty limber and warmed up quickly. I slept well last night and struggled to actually get up. It is rare that I get a good night of sleep. I don't have insomnia but I have something. Basically I find it hard to fall asleep and I am rarely tired at bedtime. Maybe the third night after 3 days of EXPO I might feel tired but in general I am wide awake no matter what time I get up at and regardless of the quality of training I did that day. I started taking melatonin which really helps but I am up to two pills a night and that is not good.

Anyway, for my PM run I did a nice loop from Reebok HQ and at times I was taking my life into my hands since rush hour had just started and cars seemed to care little about my skinny arse running along the side of the road. I was glad to get through unscathed and in shape for my weekly trip to Eyes Of The World for mellow Yoga. Right now I am fairly tired but like most nights I know that without the aid of my melatonin I am not falling asleep. Francine thinks I need to listen to more mellow music before I go to bed, something I have started to do recently.

The Grammy awards are coming up soon and no one really cares. The award show has lost its way in recent years and the whole event gets crappy ratings and falls on deaf ears. So, noticing their decline the Grammys have launched a new advertising campaign that is pretty cool. It features Thom Yorke, Coldplay, Kanye, and Lil Wayne. The images are made up of the names of songs that influenced the artists, who are all nominated by the way. The campaign is called "Celebrate The Music That Made Us". The songs are repeated throughout the images and its all pretty sweet. I love how "Unravel" gets the biggest slot on Thoms head. It is my favorite Bjork song, one I could listen to over and over again. Other noticeables are "Ashes To Ashes" by Bowie, "Organ Doner" by Shadow, and "Man On The Moon" by R.E.M

Love it,


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