Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Between The Years

AM: 8 Miles, T-Mill, BSC, 51 minutes
PM: 5 Miles, T-Mill, BSC 32:20, Core Work

This may be the longest and coldest winter I can remember since arriving in America back in 1996. Its not that the cold is any worse than previous winters but there is more ice on the ground than I can ever recall. My sidewalk is actually coated in enough ice to skate on. Last night we got a heavy rainfall which in turn melted lots of the snow banks and after another night of temps in the teens it all froze. I hit the t-mill out of necessity and actually enjoyed it. This afternoon I could have hit the road but I was not comfortable with the levels of black ice so I wussed out and went back to the gym for some 80's and an easy 5 mile followed by a core routine.

In addition to getting soaked by lashing rain last night, Francine and I witnessed the PC Friars score 100 points to defeat 15th ranked Syracuse at the Dunk. It was a carnival atmosphere and maybe the best basketball game I've ever been to. The students rushed the court at the end and it was all joy and smiles, something we have not had much of over the last 8 years under Tim Welsh.My friend Vinny recommended White Lies to me. They are a three piece band out of London and they are very good. Granted I only listened to 5 songs but they have an Interpol/Editors type vibe although they are a little more nu wave. The album has received mixed reviews but it is #1 in the UK album charts so obviously some people like it. This band could go either way, very poppy or underground. I hope its the latter. I will buy this album tomorrow from which was suggested to my by a comment on yesterdays post. I think I used the site a few years back mind you.

I am very please with the training today and I even got a few Job leads so life is good. I hope everyone is enjoying their training. To do double days feels so good and so uplifting that I find it difficult to sit still. Rather than feeling exhausted, I feel alive and truly inspired.

Peace and much love,


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  1. OK. Enough is enough. I'm bringing out some screws for you to set in your shoes so you can go outside. Give me you address and I'll send them ahead. No sense wasting any days.