Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Routine

AM: 12 Miles, T-Mill BSC, 1:15:00

A tasty 12 miler on the treadmill while listening to the BSC 80's mix on the screen. I had Paddy Moulton next to me so it was nice. We occasionally chatted but he was deep into his Metallica buzz and I was caught up in the sound of Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere". I felt great today even though I was tired from the session yesterday. Once I got the tempo going I felt I could have run all day. It is a testament to the strength but I am still concerned about pace. Its always the hardest part to get back once you've lost it. I always felt I had natural speed but right now there is nothing natural about running faster than 70 second pace for any length of time. All positive though because I know I'll get it back and the big picture stretches all the way to the end of November and the Irish Inter-County champs where selection will be made for the Euro Cross in Dublin. Ray is counting back from that event so pace will find me.

After Ryans recommendation of Frightened Rabbits I've been listening to their albums all day. I picked up "The Midnight Organ Fight" off iTunes and I've been caining it since. I will upload it to my shuffle for tomorrows training and decided which songs do it for me. Right now Fast Blood is kicking ass and you can hear it on theit myspace linked above.

In addition to this album I've been listening to Andy McKee. He is a guitarist that my friend Jimmy suggested I listen to. Normally I don't listen to straight acoustic albums but this guy is extremely talented and his guitar playing is very impressive. It has inspired me to pick up my own guitar again. However it is embarrassing to see the ease with which he plays compared to my strumming of the 10 odd chords I can play. The tips of my fingers are also really tender after 30 minutes of playing. So soft.

Good days my friends. Now check out Andy on the youtube,

Love Kel

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  1. check out (cheaper option to iTunes)