Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Longer Wound Up Like A Spring

AM: Workout, Tempo Run, 6 Miles, 30:09, Goddard State Park

It took 10 weeks of slow build up but I have finally turned a corner. Without doubt this morning was the best I've felt in 8 months. Lots of things pointed to having a great tempo run this morning. It was the first time I worked out with other people. Today Mark Carroll and Pat Tarpy joined me in my tempo. Additionally, I wore light weight trainers for the first time, there was no wind, and we had a beautiful if very, very cold morning down at Goddard. The ocean looked great and it was a perfect winter day.

I was hoping to get through 5 miles at a logical pace progression. I figured threshold would be around 5:10-05 pace. We hit the first mile at 5:07 and it was really easy. We then went, 5:02, 5:01, 5:02, 5:01, 4:55. I felt completely in control and almost at conversation level. Mark and I stopped at 6 and Pat went to 7 but I felt I could run for another 4 miles at the same pace. There was no fatigue at all. I am over the moon with this effort and I think I can officially say I am getting in shape. Its not like I lit the world on fire but I think I am in about 30:20-10 10K shape. In another month I will be in 29:45 shape and by May I should be in at least 29 minute or under shape.

We hit up Boston for the afternoon and I met up with my fellow blog inspiration Tom McArdle. Tom is still struggling with a constant string of nagging injuries that keep him from evolving his training. It is hard to watch from the sidelines, especially since I feel so good. The race at Terrier will obviously not be happening and its a good thing. I personally don't want to push the envelope too much and I think a 5k running around an indoor track might be a little too much.

Right now, I am not changing the course or training load. Patience is an essential ingrediant right now. Ray has the training load exactly where it needs to be. Happy days.

Love Kel

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  1. Good job. Focus on doing a great job tomorrow before thinking about next week. Do a great job next week before thinking about February. Do a great job in February before thinking about March, etc...

    Do you want to come to Cabo 2nd week of Feb? Got a free pad to stay.