Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Is Full Of Love

AM: 10 Miles, 65 minutes, Blvd, Fruit Loop
PM: 4.2 Miles, No Time, Blvd

Two fantastic runs is all I really have to say. This afternoon I had my typical desire to run more but used common sense to just finish the loop and get in the door for dinner. I met Mark Carroll and Pat Tarpy for the morning run. Pat was doing a session so only warmed up with us. After fueling up with some black coffee I felt amazing. It was the easiest of runs and Mark and I just chatted as the miles and minutes flew past.

Basically today was just 2 easy runs and exactly what easy days are supposed to be about. Tomorrow I will be running early in the AM and heading into NYC with Jimmy and Grace. On Saturday night we will be seeing M83. Love having friends around and love having the good times. It is perfect timing really because it has taken my mind off the Job loss and it has given me new perspective. Friends are very important and make things real and bring everything back home. If this is bad times then bad times really aren't that bad.

Love Kel

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