Monday, January 5, 2009

Rolling Hills Ahead

AM: Workout: 5 x 5 minutes w/ 1 min rec, tempo efforts. Tot. 12 Miles

Had the kit on ready to go this morning but the ground was too icy and I could not deal with another treadmill workout. Waited a few hours until the sun came out and hit the road at 11:30 taking advantage of an early lunch, and getting caught up on work in the morning. I did a tough loop around Milton that required some hard hill running during the efforts. The workout went flawlessly although it is still hard to come terms with the lack of pace and turnover. I also have a slightly altered running style due to my knee surgeries that seems to make it difficult to really open up. Its almost as if my knees are protecting themselves by forcing me to take shorter strides, thereby reducing the impact forces. Either way, I am improving rapidly and should/need only focus on the positives. This was my first real fartlek style workout and I am delighted with it.

There is not much happening on the music front. I have been delving back into the world of techno now that all the "Best Of" compilations are surfacing. Some of the techno over the last year has been fantastic, especially the Berlin minimal sound with melodic overtones. I could listen to it all day, everyday, and still be completely lost in joy. On another but not too different tip I have been streaming the new Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavillion", an album that is being highly anticipated by myself and many others. They are a difficult band at times but this album seems a little more "pop" on first listen and takes their electro, sonic sound and their deep vocals to arrive on some sort of middle ground. I haven't really formed an opinion as such, that will require many more listens, however on the first go around "My Girls" seems like one of the strongest songs. No doubt that will change in a few weeks and thats a good thing. Good albums always evolve and this album is a nice way to start off a new year in music. These guys are playing a couple of NYC shows in a few weeks so I may have to get involved. M83 and Animal Collective in a 5 day period would be inspirational.

Tomorrow calls for an easy day of running so I will hit up the BSC and do some spinning and hit up Eyes Of The World for my weekly mellow yoga class. All good, all happy.

Peace and Love,


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