Monday, January 12, 2009

Its The Smiling On The Package

PM: 10 Miles, 63:50, T-Mill BSC, Core

Here is where I stand on Treadmills. I don't like them but they serve a purpose when necessary. Tonight I was getting out for my run fairly late. The roads are very icy, especially the bike lane on the blvd where I planned on running. I am working too hard to wreck my season by slipping so I would rather mix it with the gym folk and run 10 miles on the mill. I don't care about what percentage in height it needs to be (1.5% is what I use) and nor do I care if its calibrated with precision. It is a good effort and I typically feel satisfied when I'm done. I ran easy for the first few miles and then progressed each mile until I was just under 6 min pace. T'was grand.

What was frustrating however was my iPod dying after 3/4 of a mile. I made an Interpol playlist since that is where my mood was and I just got through the opening track "Evil" and had started the intro bars to "Take You On A Cruise" when suddenly it went silent and the noise of the gym came stuttering in. So in looking for something to keep me occupied I decided to plug into the system attached to the mill. One of the channels was "80's Hits" which is what I settled on and it was fantastic. In no particular order here are the artists that I can remember, Kim Wilde, Duran Duran, General Public, Til Tuesday, Tina Turner, Kajagoogoo, Talking Heads, and a couple more. I turned from negative to extremely positive and I was literally bouncing along at the end wanting more.

I went to the Parlour Steps Myspace this morning to see if they were touring anytime soon and I was delighted to see they acknowledge my blog and the fact that I put their current album in my year end top 10. How cool in the gang is that! It makes me respect them even more and again I suggest you go out and buy Ambiguoso right now. I don't think it will be up there for too long but guys from a band I love read my review and year end list. This small gesture makes this old man very happy.

The video below is "Take You On A Cruise" by Interpol performed at Les Eurockéennes De Belfort in 2005. I got home from the gym and decided I needed to hear this song since I only got a small taste in the gym. Its a great performance and Paul Banks voice sounds amazing live. In fact, like Radiohead, this is a band that sounds better live. Check it.

Peace and Love,


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