Sunday, February 1, 2009

Which Way To Happy


Feeling sick is the worst. I have always been a baby when it comes to being run down or ill in any fashion. The reason why I tend to act in such an soft manner is that I am typically full of energy and full of life. Any feeling less than awesome tends to disrupt my mood. When I'm sick and feel like ass which was the case for the last three days I'm simply miserable. I can't fake it at all. I had planned a big workout on Saturday that I couldn't do and it was depressing. Today was a bit better, I actually had some energy but not enough to run. Tomorrow I will be back in the saddle. Lots of people like to "run through" sickness, but I have never understood this. It is like some people can't bare to see their training diaries take the hit of a few days off. Francine thinks it was a blessing in disguise, that I was doing too much and maybe increasing the training a little too much. I don't believe in signs but I guess this could be construed as a sign. Around this time last year I began to ramp up the volume and by the end of Feb I was flying, only to blow out my knee. The subsequent surgery knocked me out of action for 6 months. Basically, three days off is nothing compared to six months.

Week 14 Ended As Follows:

Monday: AM: 10.15 Miles, 66 minutes, Lincoln woods.
Tuesday: AM: Workout 6 x 4 Minutes, 70 Sec Rec, 4:45 mile pace. (tot. 12)
PM: Yoga
Wednesday: AM: 12 Miles, T-Mill BSC, 1:15:00
Thursday: AM: 8 Miles, T-Mill, BSC, 51 minutes
PM: 5 Miles, T-Mill, BSC 32:20, Core Work
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Week Total: 47.15 Miles, 5 Runs, Yoga, Core Work

I was heading for a great week of training and that is all I care about. It is very positive. The session with Mark was fantastic and I had some great running. The three days off were necessary and now I will build up the defences so I should avoid all illness heading back to Ireland. All good.

A major highlight of this weekend was today and in specific about 88 minutes into the Liverpool-Chelsea game. Fernando Torres scored and has perhaps saved Liverpools season. It was fantastic.

Peace and Much Love,


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