Saturday, February 21, 2009

RAS In The Morrow


My knee didn't bother me at all after the race and yesterday felt pretty good, however this morning I felt exactly how I thought I would. Knee was swollen and tender so I decided to bag the easy run I had scheduled and instead focus on resting with Ice and Anti-Inflammatory pills. I think I have done the trick because I feel decent heading to the scratch.
All the talk of the mud bath out in Oldbridge seems to be slightly off kilter as the word around the small running scene in Drogheda is that it is pretty dry but soft. Maybe the races beforehand will dig it up but any thoughts of old skool style mud can be forgotten. I am not going to lie I was looking forward to a mud bath but in all fairness it is best for everyone, especially spectators that it stays relatively dry.

I am still pretty high since the race and I think flotrack did a great job with the coverage. Make sure you watch it because it is an awesome race. I didn't realize that David came from so far back to beat Tommo. Fantastic stuff. A friend sent some pics of the race that can be viewed below. Hopefully tomorrow goes well. I am extremely excited to run very hard again, especially over the country. Vin and I will go to the course together and no doubt have another back and forth battle.

I will be on after the race. The course is a solid 5k from my door!

Peace and Love,


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