Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clouds Passing By

PM: 11 Miles w/ 5 x 40 second pick up/strides, 1:10, Run From BSC, Core

Man, it is so cold. Tonight was a solid 13 degrees but felt like 0 with the wind. I had to run steady because even though I wanted an easy run I needed to get the blood pumping and energy levels up. I started throwing in long strides at the end while I was warm because I knew that if I stopped I would most likely just get back into the gym. I did my usual core routine and hung about the gym afterward. I met some people including a G-Town 800m runner who graduated a year before me. We know a lot of the same people.

I drank enough coffee today to wire a small town. And while sitting in Blue State almost pulling faces like the ravers of yesteryear I listened to some post-rock from Mogwai and Lights Out Asia
These are the two albums I got. I have loved the work of Scottish outfit Mogwai for a while now and in particular a track called "I know you are but what am I". I knew they did stuff with Sigur Ros, and I had random tracks and remixes by them but when I heard this track I fell in love. Simply beautiful work. Their new album has some nice moments and I found myself listening through very quickly and again on my run tonight. The album will take more listens because I started getting tracks mixed up seeing as I also listened to Lights Out Asia. I have never heard about this band and I still don't know much about them other than information from myspace. This album is really good and because it was an instant journey for me I will check out and maybe buy their previous albums although I am trying to limit my spend on music so I might have to search the blogosphere and check them out first. Bottom line is that I am getting more and more into the 'post rock' genre and I am finding that this music inspires happiness and belief in whatever I'm doing. It can be as simple as drinking a cup of coffee or running a hard 11 miles either way it makes my day and what ever activity I'm doing a little bit better.

Love Kel

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  1. any chance u want to run sometime i sent a couple emails don't know if u got them just looking for some company on long runs as I train for providence marathon

    later Gleason