Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Theres A Way Out

AM: 8.3 Miles, 50:07, Fruit Loop, Blvd
PM: 6 Miles, No Time, From Rhode Runner

Running hard on treadmill in a sweaty gym takes it out of me. I am not one to sweat excessively like some of the other people I train with but that goes out the window when I run in BSC. Anyway, my point is that this morning I was tired and felt dehydrated. I started out easy and was pleasantly surprised to see I was running 6 min miles after a few minutes. Its a sign that basic fitness is back.

In the PM I joined the Rhode Runner crew for an easy 6 miles. It was actually nice to run slower than 7 min pace as it is not something I do very often. The perfect precursor to the PC-Nova game I went to at the Dunk.

Last Wednesday I saw one of the best PC performances in years when we drained 100 points against Syracuse but last night was just frustrating. We looked asleep out on the court and we couldn't buy a basket. Nova at one point had a 20 point lead. However, about mid-way through the second half the Friars rallied and started hitting 3's and forcing turnovers. We brought the game back to within 5 points. As quick as that happened the lead was 12 again with 2 minutes remaining. Since Frankie was picking me up I called her and was ready to go. Now bare in mind that I really dislike fans that leave games so early. It was an uncharacteristic move for me but Frankie had an early start and the game was late. When I got home I jumped on the box to see the final score and the game was still going. It was down to 1 point 92-91. I nearly lost it. Alas Nova had the ball, got the foul and went to the line for 2. PC never got the shot off before the clock ran out. 94-91. If the first 3/4 of the game was anything to go by this score is a victory for the Friars and shows that the early mistakes, missed free throws cost us. I know that there is always a way out if you take care of the simple things.

With this in mind I approach my last 2 weeks of training before my first race in one year. I find myself getting worried about miles, workouts and getting everything right but in effect it all means nothing if I don't stay the course and prepare for November when my real goal of making the Irish team for Euro XC starts. I need to make the little plays and maintain consistency. That means, getting out for training everyday but never trying to do too much. That means, doing workouts and not worrying about how fast they are compared to my previous life. That means enjoying the fact that I am not fat and out of shape. That means making the start line healthy and ready to run rather than beaten up.

The Ras press conference was yesterday and it was good to catch up with Vinny who was in the community center back in Dunleer. I was asked am I fit and I don't really know how to answer that because yes I am fit, very fit but I won't be winning any races because other guys happen to be fitter and stronger. So I was honest and said I've been fitter but yes I am fit however I wouldn't put money on me unless you fancy some really long odds. Two weeks and counting to my three race series in Ireland. As you can tell, I am getting very excited.

Love it,


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