Monday, February 16, 2009

Star And Crescent

PM: 4 Miles Easy, 26 minutes, Drogheda.

Haven't slept today in an effort to get right back into routine. I was going to take the day off because my knee swelled up on the flight last night but I really wanted to get out for a shakeout run and I am glad I did, even if it did hurt my knee. I ran a 4 mile loop around the old housing estates and only my knee was sore, the rest of me was really nice. I will do a double day tomorrow and meet up with Vinny to get on some grass to check out my spikes. No news to report, I just hung at home and I spent all day drinking tea and eating too many Classic bars.
Peace and Love,



  1. Tea + classic bars = delish
    Best of luck in the races and enjoy home!


  2. Best of luck in the races and be careful with the knee...........

  3. agreed on all accounts. td