Friday, February 13, 2009

The Air Between Us

AM: 50 Minutes Trainer Ride with 10 x 1 min hard efforts.
PM: 8 Miles, 49:45, Blvd, Fruit Loop.

I decided against my morning run because my knee was hurting. Not really bad but defo sore and enough to have me mildly concerned. I lashed in a lot of anti-inflams and got on the bike while fagan, Tarpy and Moulton hit the road. As the day progressed my knee loosened up and I tested it with some easy miles with Fagan and Wykes who is also in town. Overall, it was 80% and I felt great otherwise. We ran easy and did some nice strides at the end. I think I am ready for my session tomorrow morning so all is happy.

Fagan hit me up with some new sounds that I did not yet purchase. This is a moral dilemma for me because I love the music and I want to buy it but with that being said I spend a LOT of money on music and taking music that I had intended on buying from Martin while being wrong is also a reflection of my current situation. I am unemployed. I need new music all the time. I will give to the artist when I have money and I will promote the music with all my heart. Each day this week gets some new album reviews.

Mary Cullen broke the Irish Indoor record for 3k at the BU Valentine invite. Fantastic. I'm tired so I am getting off my computer to drink tea and hang out with good friends.

Peace and Love,


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