Monday, February 23, 2009

Songs That Saved Your Life

PM: 9.5 Miles, 60 minutes, around the streets of Drogheda.

Battered is the only adjective I care to use that describes how my body felt when I woke up this morning. Its really amazing when you think about it. I ran 2 races and a combined total of 11k. One was a flat road loop and the second was a pretty tame XC course and you would think I ran a marathon. My knee was really puffy this morning and my over all structure needed a serious stretching out combined with some yoga, something I miss. On a positive note I went out for a shake out run this afternoon and once I warmed up I started floating and lashed a loop I used to call 10 miles. It is clearly short because I don't think I was running 6 min pace all the way but who knows.

This morning I went into town for coffee and to purchase a new book. I picked up The Smiths - Songs That Saved Your Life. I am completely taken by the tales of how the songs were written and the process and evolution of the band. I have read 2 other Smiths books and 3 Morrissey books but this is unique in that it tells the tale of the band through the chronological order of the recording process, discussing in depth the process of writing each song and the effect it had on the band. Obviously I am still on album 1 but hopefully I will complete the book by the end of the week. I love the title because you hear of so many Smiths fans that truly believe the band did save them. I obviously came to the Smiths late in life, 1997 to be specific, but their music and the solo work of Morrissey has been a very important part of my last 10 years. To this day I repeat the mantra "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", and it is forever etched on my ribcage!

Amiina was my music of choice today. I cannot say enough positive things about the album Kurr. It is truly fascinating to me and I suggest that anyone who enjoys the beautiful sound of dreamlike soundscapes go out and buy this album. I originally snagged it off a blog and filled in holes from various friends computers but I have since bought the album because music this good needs to be bought. You get a plethora of instrumentation, everything from wine classes, bells, music boxes, and even a bow on a saw. Couple this with some electro drum and synth loops and a string section and you have the makings of a journey that will inspire you.

I have consumed my last two Difene tablets in (Thanks Vinny) and I hope tomorrow morning I feel a little better. The couple of massages that are lined up should help the rest of me and the countdown to Sunday is on. I need to keep a positive mindset because I am in good enough shape to finish top 3 if I make it to the start line. Right now that is the goal and once the gun goes the Adrenalin takes over and the race starts.

Peace and Love,



  1. Hey Keith, Tomas Cotter here.
    Ran 4 Dunleer in the Senior Ras.
    Good 2 c u back running well.
    Sorry 4 random comment but just heard a lot about u off the likes of Larry and David Carrie.
    Hopefully I'll c u in Santry on Sunday, I'm running the junior race!

  2. PS, my blog ia absolutely WOOFULL!!
    Had 2 set 1 up in College and I saw that u mentioned u had 1 on the interview on flotrackr with Mark!