Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back To The Old House

AM: 7 Miles, 47:52, Ramparts
PM: 6 Miles, 40:04, Ramparts

Did the same run AM and PM with a few laps of the football fields on the AM run. My knee was sore on both runs and I am just getting myself to the line and through 12k on Sunday. If I was back in P-Town with no races of importance lined up I would most certainly be on the bike for a few days or maybe even resting 100% of the time. But I am not back in P-Town and I have a lot of excitement heading into the race this weekend so I am not going to let my annoying pain wreck this trip. On a positive note my knee did not get worse after the runs and tomorrow morning I have a nice massage lined up with Barney. Hopefully he can loosen up the quad and hammy to allow all attachments around the knee to settle. Combine that with lots of R.I.C.E and I should be set.

Flotrack have footage of the Ras on their site. Mark did a super job considering it was really windy and he had to leg it around the course. At least the mud was not present. Its been so dry that it is pretty odd. I might get through 2 weeks in the winter with no rain. Believe me, this is extremely unusual. Anyway, its good to see I still look like a horse when I run. Fixing my form is not going to happen so I just need to deal with it and embrace my curved spine and horrific strides.

Spent a lot of time today listening to The Ting Tings, I love the track "We Walk" but really today was all about the Pet Shop Boys. I have been buzzing off the PSB since their appearance on The Brit awards last weekend. Check out the video below. Its one of their new tracks. Still sounding so fashionable.

Peace and Love



  1. "it's good to see I still run like a horse..." great! embrace it man! it is too late to change that inimitable and lovable style you've got.

    and not just running style at that!

    keep it up. i'm really enjoying your posts.

    LRBM x


    p.s GREAT result in the RAS man. good luck on sunday. enjoy it.

  2. as always, it brings the Boulder Boys joy to see you doing well.

    all the best.

  3. alright keith just watched the race on flotrack great to see you back competing again i'll probably see you thursday evening at the hall

    robbie f