Sunday, February 15, 2009

We're On A Road To Somewhere

Saturday Feb 14th: AM: Workout, 4 Mile Effort followed by 2x3 minute efforts.
Sunday: AM: 12 Miles easy

Just a quick note since I am in Philly Airport with Marko. We are awaiting news about our plane departure since we were kicked off the plane we were supposed to be on. Here is the quick rundown. On saturday I ran 19:24 for 4 miles in some strong winds. I then did 2 x 3 minutes coming through the 1k in about 2:52. It was a fantastic workout and another confidence booster. I did it all on my own and it was beautiful.

This morning I ran with Tarpy, Wykes and Fagan. Lovely, great chats and even better energy. Bare in mind I was pretty tired and drained from the emotions of the BU Valentine invite where PC had an outstanding showing with Davey and Hayden running 3:57 mile and Dom running a NZ junior 3k record of 7:58 in a race won by Fagan who was running in flats and a t-shirt. Amazing stuff!

So on a nice high I completed another solid 80 Mile week with a couple of nice workouts.

Week 16 Ended As Follows:

Monday: AM: 8.3 Miles, Blvd, Fruit Loop, 51:40 PM: 5 Miles, Blvd, 32:00

Tuesday: PM: 12.2 Miles, Blvd, Pawtucket, Fruit Loop. 1:17:32, YOGA

Wednesday: AM: Workout, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 4 min reps, 2 min rec. Hard. 27 wu, 19 cd (13 Miles)

Thursday: AM: 12.2 Miles, 1:14:20, Pawtucket, Blvd, Fruit Loop.

Friday: AM: 50 Minutes Trainer Ride with 10 x 1 min hard efforts.PM: 8 Miles, 49:45, Blvd, Fruit Loop.

Saturday: AM: Workout, 4 Mile Effort (19:24) followed by 2x3 minute efforts. (11 Miles)

Sunday: AM: 12 Miles easy

Week Total: 81.7 Miles, 8 Runs, Bike Session, Yoga, Core, Tempo, Reps.

It seems like the trend recently has been that each week is my best but in this case it is indeed. Another step up from last week and lots of positive energy as I head into my first real racing period in a long ass time.

Peace and Love,


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  1. Keep rocking it Keith, your blog and progress keep me motivated.

    Model County Runner