Friday, February 20, 2009

Thou Shalt Always Kill

Thursday: AM: 2 Miles, 2 x Strides
PM: Armagh International Road Race 5k
Friday: PM: 7.4 Miles Easy, 52 Minutes, Phoenix Park

My routine of daily posting is being seriously disrupted with this travel and lack of computer. I really should have hit up the Internet last night in the Armagh Hotel Lobby but more pressing tasks were at hand, such as getting a pint of Erdinger with Carroll, Mulvey and Flo agus some grub.

So I did my first race of 2009 and the first race of my last gasp attempt to convey - via this blog - how hard it is to make a comeback after a mental and physical "hanging em up" period. Last October when I started this blog and discussed the goals and reasons I would have said and maybe did say that by Feb I would like to be in good shape. Never did I think I would be in 14:16 road 5k shape, nor did I think I would be able to race and push myself in a good quality field. So I don't need to tell you how happy I am. I had a fantastic time and finishing 8th and running sub 14:20 has never been so exhilarating. I feel like I did as a college freshman running in the colors of PC down in Ralaigh at the annual Ralaigh Relays. I had a breakthrough race winning the freshman 5k running 14:26. How I felt then is how I feel now.

The race went off pretty quick although I missed the jump seeing as I was in the third line of athletes. Not that it mattered because I had no intention of running with the lead pack, in fact Ray and I discussed running a pretty controlled effort. I found myself with Vinny (not on purpose) and a couple of English lads and I was tucked in with the group. This was it, there was no sandbagging, I felt like I should be able to run with this chase pack and at times I was leading the group, sharing duties with Vin. We were steady at 2:52-53 per k and that is where my rhythm was based on recent sessions. On the last lap I put in a bit of a hard effort with 800 to go and basically knew that once I got to the home stretch, which is 400m, I would not let myself get passed. And that is how it played out. Pretty tired after but not so tired that I could not accept the Lucozade Sport and Mars bar handed to me by a very nice volunteer. The results can be found HERE

And as quick as it started, it was all over and the cool down brought great vibes and energy. Mark ran really well to place 3rd and break 14 mins and Vin was just behind me by a couple of ticks in 11th. So all roads lead to Oldbridge for the Ras, a 6k cross country race against the same field. I would like to think I can do better at the Ras but really I could do much worse. We were all so close and even though I have always fancied myself as a cross country runner I have not run an xc race since I broke my back running down Bearcage hill in Franklin park back in 2003.

Today Vin and I ran in the Phoenix park for an easy 50 minutes. We were both pretty battered but I think for me personally it was more to do with the fact that I did not sleep last night. The three melatonin pills I took did little to aid me in sleep and I just lay there until breakfast was ready. All good though, nothing to worry about. It just means I'll sleep better tonight.

I don't want to keep waffling about the race because thats all it was, just a race. I am hardly ripping it up but for me and for my long term goal this is a really positive opener. I was also introduced to some new music and I will be reporting more on this tomorrow. For right now check out Flotracks coverage of our travels up to Armagh and the race will be posted tomorrow. Great craic was had and it is so easy to enjoy these events with mates and good positive energy which there was pleanty of. Brilliant.

Peace and Love,


Flotravel - Ireland 19th Armagh International on Flotrack

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  1. Solid start, Kelrock. Tear it up at the Ras!

  2. kel, man...beautiful stuff.

    absolutely amazing.

    you know what i'm talking about and so does every last person who reads this blog and it's postings.....

    thank you....

    as many people have said before, it's inspirational, and they tell no lies man.

    hi to kathleen and paul and simon!!

    love, love, love, love!

    and with that, i want you to listen to this guy.

    mickey zhang

    he's keepin' it real on the east side.

    i can't say anything else.

    check it.

    peace. xx

  3. p.s knees and hips and all the's somewhat psychological!


    there is no's all nice pain in a way


  4. Kel- Great stuff man! There really is a light that never goes out. Best of luck in the next race.

  5. anyone who has ever run competitvely always thinks of giving it one last go but the chances of it working out and getting one solid race in is slim.

    This blog makes it easier to keep lacing them up and getting out the door. we all have one more good stretch of running left.

  6. you're dead right ryan. but, as easy as this blog makes it, it's still quite difficult. having said that, it's imperative to remain positive at all times.

    if that can be done, and it's not easy to do, things can be a lot easier to overcome.

    kel will do what he will do.

    we ALL will do what we will do!

    simple as.

    keep 'er lit.

  7. Kel,

    Great run man. Very impressive. Loved the pre-race coverage on Flotrack too! Best of luck at Ras tomorrow. Hope you enjoy every minute of it.


  8. Thanks for the comments lads. Looking forward to the XC race tomorrow even if my body feels beat up. I think the softer surface should be more forgiving! I will let you all know how it pans out on Sunday night.

    Love Kel