Thursday, February 26, 2009



A day off, lots of massage, ice, Difene both in gel and tab form, and lots of coffee. Not running tomorrow either. I had a chat with Ray and the plan is 2 days, maybe even three days off and if I feel like I can warm up on Sunday I am going to run and run very hard. I will deal with the consequences after. I am not giving up this chance, I am too close to the starting line and on the starting line I will be, unless of course the knee has no improvement.

Depeche Mode have a new album coming out and a tour to promote it. Check out this fantastic video.

Sounds Of The Universe is out 4/17 in Germay, 4/20 internationally, and 4/21 in the US via Mute/EMI. Tour's lined up, venues TBA and I will be attending Boston on July 31st and maybe New York as well.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words and positive energy. Remember, Sunday is a minor goal in the grand scheme of things. Its all about Euro Cross but Sunday will be important to see how I can handle myself against the best of the home based athletes.

Peace and Love,


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  1. I saw DM in Worcester in 1998 w/ Stabbing Westward, who was a pretty good band, opening...but that didn't stop us from yelling at them to get off the stage and let DM start... It was an absolutely awesome show. They played just about the entire 86-98 set + a couple of older songs (Just Can't Get Enough and Somebody) ...they opened up w/ Barrel of a Gun... very loud...very awesome.

    Good job out in Ireland...I watched all the Flotrack stuff...very cool.