Monday, February 9, 2009

Free To Ask

AM: 8.3 Miles, Blvd, Fruit Loop, 51:40
PM: 5 Miles, Blvd, 32:00

How nice and natural it was to be back in routine today, running my 8+ mile loop in the AM after a lash of Coffee Exchange. I felt extremely good although my knee was very stiff which means there is still some inflamation in there after my tempo run. In the PM I still felt amazing but my knee was really annoying me. Not in an injury sort of way (although many of the injury free may think of it as a problem) rather just an annoying niggle sort of way. I took a dose of Advil and its seems to be doing alright now. Today was a fantastic day of training. I used to want to get back on the 5+10 double kick I did back in college but now double days will be 8+5 or 8+6. The negative effects of the extra couple of miles are too much to risk for marginal gains in fitness.

I downloaded the Grammy version of 15 step today and listened to it frequently. I think its a great performance. Of course I'd like to see the full band on stage but the inclusion of the marching band was perfect for the song. I wonder if everyone in the band appreciated the genius they were playing with. Probably not, but from this point forward they will be forever Radiohead fans. One of the guys in the front row tagged himself in facebook. I was going to friend him and ask him about it but then I thought that is getting way to weird and creepy. I mean they are my favorite band but enough is enough!

I will post a link to a download version tomorrow. I am off to the airport to pick up Frankie.

Peace and Love,


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