Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bat For Lashes

Saturday: AM: 11.2 Miles, Blvd, Fruit Loop, 1:11:50
Sunday: PM: 10 Miles, Blvd, Fruit Loop, 1:05:25

There was simply not enough time to post yesterday. I ran in the AM with Pat Tarpy and it was fantastic. Felt unreal and had no fatigue from the tempo on Friday. Tonight I did an easy 10. I was tired from yesterday and last night. I was due an easy day and only intended on running 40 odd minutes but since it was so nice I just kept listening to tunes and forced myself to stop at 10 miles. Higher and higher....temptation.

Week 15 Ended As Follows:

Monday: AM: 9.2 Miles, 60:00, Fruit Loop, Blvd.
Tuesday: PM: 12.76 Miles, T-Mill, BSC, 1:20, Followed by Core
Wednesday: AM: 8.3 Miles, 50:07, Fruit Loop, Blvd
PM: 6 Miles, No Time, From Rhode Runner
Thursday: PM: 11 Miles w/ 5 x 40 second pick ups, 1:10, Run From BSC, Core
Friday: AM: Tempo Run, 6 Miles, 29:45, Coogan Loop, 3 Mile WU/CD (12)
Saturday: AM: 11.2 Miles, Blvd, Fruit Loop, 1:11:50

Sunday: PM: 10 Miles, Blvd, Fruit Loop, 1:05:25

Week Total: 80.5 Miles, 8 Runs, Core, Yoga, Tempo.

15 weeks of training in the bag. Of course the first 5 weeks aren't really worth talking about since I was suck below 30 miles but they were important weeks none the less. The past week is exactly the kind of week I want for the next 15. I want to stay below 80 miles but I want it every week. Consistency is what I have missed since 2003 but I am super motivated and willing to be patient to make it right in 2009.

So back to the weekend. Francine ran the Double Bridge Run in Pensacola, FL. She finished a great third! Amy Rudolph was the returning winner and Mark finished second in the mens race to Jimmy Carney. A Great start to the day! I hit Boston right after my morning run to join John Clark and Mark Davis in the Phoenix Landing Liverpool supporters pub in Cambridge. It was epic. We played Portsmouth and although we should be on cruise control through these games it proved very difficult with a weakened team on the field. Pompy had the lead twice and at 2-1 down with 8 minutes to go I was begging for a draw. JC was very relaxed and told me that we would win and it would be epic. And how right he was. Kuyt and Torres in the last minute. The pub erupted and there were man hugs a plenty and everyone was joined in song as we did the Torres bounce. What a start to the day.

After this we hit Reggie for the games. It kicked off with a fantastic run by Chris Hartner of Naperville Running Company. He was one of the guests of Reebok and used the opportunity to jump in the masters mile. He had the lead over the last 100 but was just pipped on the line. Fantastic stuff. After that the meet just had great race after great race. Ro McGettigan broke the Irish record in the mile. And Mary Cullen just missed the 5k record while Shelane Flannigan broke the American Record. The PC boys ran 4:01 in the mile and Charley D nearly won the college 800. Willis won the mile in 3:53 with Chris Lukezic running a great 3:56 for third. You will be able to read all about it at his ultra cool fifteen hundred meters blog.

After the meet we hit up '33' and had some great conversations with former co workers and the dealers who have become mates outside of all the running shoe stuff. T'was a great day and I woke up this morning actually feeling fresh. Only downside was having to watch Man United scrape another win, this time away to West Ham.

I am watching the Grammys right now, only to see Radiohead perform. So I want to save my music stuff for during the week but I am so excited right now that I need to talk about this one thing. I heard my favorite track of 2009 thus far. It is Bat For Lashes - Glass. It will be forthcoming on her new album Two Sons which will be out in April. The link will take you to stereogum and you can here the track there. Please listen to the song from start to finish. At least give it some respect, you know? I can't listen to it once, its that good. Her new album is going to be amazing and I will be buying it and reviewing it here as soon as its available.

Ok, thats the buzz. Keep running, keep listening to great sounds, and keep spreading the peace and love,


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