Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Sunshine

AM: Workout, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 4 min reps, 2 min rec. Hard. 27 wu, 19 cd (13 Miles)

What a day. 55 degrees never felt so warm. I'm talking shorts and t-shirt with the temptation to go skins. The session was a fartlek style workout with hard running on the efforts and jog on the recovery. I had Pat Moulton with me which made the session even better. We ran the reps around the blvd so we only had a measurement for the first 6 min rep where we came through the mile at 4:41. I was buzzin big time. After that the reps were sustained effort at a similar pace or maybe a little slower. It was a great run and a great confidence booster. Last week Mark and I did 4 minute efforts and this was a good progression from that point. I will have another session on Saturday mixing some tempo work and reps before my first race in over a year.

After the session I came home to the sounds and on a lovely warm day when the mood is high only one band was getting play, thats right, I stuck on some Amiina. I first heard these guys in 2005 when they opened for Sigur Ros. I have seen them 3 times since always opening for Sigur. The band is 4 females that are super talented and who make beautiful music. Not only have they performed with Sigur but have helped out with production on () and Takk. They also play live with Sigur and offer strings and other instrumentation on stage. But in their own right they are awesome. I listened to Kurr today and played my favorite song 'Sexfaldur' about ten times. It summed up my mood after the workout.My knee did hurt but never got worse at any point which is positive. If I feel good I should not miss any days between now and my races. Tomorrow calls for 12 miles with Mark and Pat and then a day of more job hunting. I have posted a youtube of the Amiina track. Please listen to it because it will move you and if you don't like it then we need to have a conversation because I can't understand why anybody could find this music anything other than inspiring.

Peace and Love,


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