Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looking Over Your Shoulder

AM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride w/ Fartlek
PM: 1:46 Outdoor Ride

I stayed indoor for my morning ride because I was lacking motivation and with the weather improving throughout the day I knew I would be outside for the afternoon. I did some fartlek based on the music I was listening to. It was wonderful and some of the efforts I did were almost vo2 max. In the evening I hit the Blvd and after three hard 5k laps I caught up to some guys from the Brown cycling team. I joined them for another 6 or so laps before breaking off again myself. It was a recovery ride for those so I ended up being forced to slow down. After my initial hard laps the riding with the guys seemed pretty relaxed. I finished off with some hard riding with 100 rpm cadence. Just what I needed.

I have been getting some music recommendations on my comments and these will all be visited. Today I spent time with Fraustdots and I must say that I was very impressed. They have a Psychedelic Furs feel about them. Naturally this is a huge positive. I will get to the other suggestions tomorrow. I had a fantastic day of training and now we are dog sitting so I will have reason to go for a couple of long walks. If any of you are wondering why I have not spoke about the Alter-G it is because I didn't get on. Mike, my therapist, decided that I would not start rehab until I get the results of my MRI next week. I guess it makes sense. My knee is still not better and if the MRI shows some dodgy cartilage floating around maybe I will have to get surgery at which point any Alter-G running benefit will be lost.

Peace and Love,

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