Sunday, May 10, 2009

Theres A World Outside

AM: 3Hrs Bike Ride, 2:15 Outside, 45 mins Trainer.

Perfect temps for a bike ride today however the wind was brutal. 30+ mph consistently. The first ten miles took Coxy and I 40 minutes. Granted it was uphill also but the wind almost knocked us off our bikes once or twice. Once the wind was on our back the story was completely different. 30 MPH was easy! The ride was really nice and when I dropped coxy off I went to add on another hour. After 15 minutes I got sick of the wind (I turned back into it once I dropped coxy off) and I happened to pass my house so I went in and jumped on the trainer for the last 45 minutes and enjoyed the second half of the Chelsea v Arsenal game. Threw in a few minute efforts very hard for good measure and was pretty toasted after. Great training and a lovely way to end a solid week.

Got the new Metric album but only gave it one listen and chose to listen to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart instead. I also played the Greatest Hits of The Psychedelic Furs to get ramped up for the show in 3 weeks and to reconnect with some older songs. The thing with Metric is that I don't want to like them. Francine's brother Marc was playing a gig in Toronto in a club on the same night as these guys. He was playing in the smaller upstairs room at the same time as Metric in the bigger downstairs room. Basically the lead singer was not happy that a band was scheduled to play at the same time and she requested to the venue that Marc and his group Mossyrock be denied playtime so their sound or vibrations don't inturupt Metric. What kind of bullshit is that? However I heard a song from the new album so I found a blog hosting it and listened but in just writing this blog post I think I am going to forget about it, maybe.

Are The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart too poppy? I'm not sure but I would say yes, however I like something about these guys. Fagan told me he is still loving the "Empire Of The Sun" album. I struggled with it because of everyone telling me I would love it. Its not bad but I am going to revisit it again tonight.

A very solid 14+ hours of training this week. Its time to keep it going strong, and bring some great energy to my MRI tomorrow! Wish me luck,

Love Kel

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