Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Smell Of Cinders And Rain

PM: 1:36, 32+ Miles, Bike Path

The dog we are sitting, Shiner, was very sick yesterday and caused us much sadness. It is very hard to see the big man feeling so rough. Francine or I stayed at home with the dog. I eventually got out with Coxy when we got a break in the rain at about 12 bells. We rode a steady bike path effort in the light rain and it was really nice. I got back in time to catch the Liverpool game and see another solid 3-0 win. Although Man U have 2 games on us it is really nice to sit a top of the table at this stage of the season.

I am a little tired. I think I have been doing a good, solid amount of XT but I have not been sleeping enough and with most of my riding being at a hard effort I think my recovery is limited. Today was nice and easy but maybe the first real easy day I have had this week. Based on the forecast tomorrow is going to be extremely windy so a long ride may be out of the question but we'll see.

Big positive is that The Psychedelic Furs are playing at the Showcase in Foxboro. I will be there. A great 80's band.

Peace and Love

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