Friday, May 22, 2009

Idiot Heart

AM: 32 Minutes Alter-G Treadmill, Core PM: 2:01 hours Recovery Ride, 38 Miles.

Without any fanfare or pressure I had my first run, or pseudo run in 4 days shy of three months. I was very nervous so opted to not talk much about it. In the end it was pretty uneventful. I did the 32 minutes at 80% body weight and at speeds ranging from 9 MPH - 10 MPH. I felt awkward and constantly worried. Clearly favoring my right leg and altering my stride to land forefoot I was all over the place. My knee didn't start hurting until 25 minutes but never really got bad. I promised myself that I'd stop if it got sore so I did. Back on the G-Trainer Monday morning and I will be trying to run as naturally as possible. It is imperative that I don't try and avoid my natural running in order to try and avoid knee pain. The pain needs to go away, bottom line.

This afternoon I met Coxy and we did an easy 2 Hour ride. Bristol bike path with some Colt state park action. It was a nice, warm ride and I felt great despite having heavy legs and sore quads. I may do one mile outside running tomorrow and I should be meeting Tom McArdle for another 2 hour ride. Maybe I can get him to start up his blog again.

The new Sunset Rubdown is getting very positive reviews and now I have to figure out how I can join Terry Shea at the gig. I have a conflict on the 11th and I need to figure out a way to be in two places at the same time!

Training is going good but running has me in a bit of a downer. My uninspiring run today leaves little to be desired. Knee is not great and I need to hit some miles to find out how bad it really is.
I can't stop listing to the the tune Idiot Heart. I am not posting any other tunes because the this tune is everything to me right now.

Love Kel


  1. Great to hear you're back to some form of running. That's some dedication with the cross training over the past few months.

    On the music front. Have you listened to the new Royksopp album? I'd put it out there as my album of the year this far - great track by Lykke Li on there.

  2. Keith, great to hear you were able to run today; your persistence is an inspiration. have a lovely weekend, regards to Francine,