Thursday, May 28, 2009

TODAY I Woke Up Sucking A Lemon


The thing with this blog is I don't want it to go down negative street. But the conundrum is that I promised it would be daily (as possible) and honest. So honestly, I am extremely frustrated. I took the day off to let my knee issue settle down but as I drove up here to Albany I realized that it doesn't matter. I have no swelling in my knee. It is just bones. The issue is the piece of cartilage that is causing havoc on the medial side of my joint. So with that being said I am going to run again tomorrow so I can feel the pain. I want to be very specific when I see the Doctor on June 10th. How do I not be negative? Well, I am going to be on the road of the next few days so info will be limited and I will focus less on training and more on music. Not tonight though, I am wrecked and need kip. Bottom line, knee hurts and will continue to hurt. I will push on through and on June 10th it will either get better or worse (stay the same) and I will tell the doc to give me a standing X-Ray to see if the bone on bone is bad, and I will ask for another scope if it will help. I really want to run this summer and I want to race but it may have to be on a bike.

Love KElRock

PS Thanks for the comments and emails of support!


  1. Don't give up Keith; you're way too talented, not to mention your passion for the sport deserves to be rewarded. Do the standing x-ray and scope if it will help. All the bike work will keep you fit. It's good you also find joy in music, as having another outlet is vital for when the running isn't possible. Have a good weekend, trish

  2. The sooner you get a better picture of what's causing that pain the better. We're still keeping faith in you back home Kel. Things will turn around again for sure.

  3. Best of luck Keith and head you , been following your blog for ages now and it's helped me in my return to running also.
    Ran with you years ago in couple of session in dublin.