Sunday, May 24, 2009

An End Has A Start

Saturday: AM: 1:02 Trainer Ride, PM: 1:14 Ride With Tom McArdle

Sunday: AM: 2 Hours Steady Ride, PM: 9 Minutes Run, Blvd

Saturday was an easy day and with heavy rains in the morning I jumped on the Trainer and watched some soccer news on the box. In the afternoon myself and Tom set out for another easy ride ending at the Hope track for some Brown alumni shenanigans. It was another recovery day of training and I went out on Saturday night for a couple of scoops and good energy.

This morning started out with some bad weather but we got out early enough before the rain started. Alas it was about 30 minutes in and the skies opened up. The rain actually felt refreshing since it was so humid. Myself and Tom bumped into a random dude on the bike path getting a nice paceline going into the wind. On the way back from Colt State park the rain stopped and it was great, albeit a little messy. I was pretty drenched at the arrival home and despite full intentions of doing more than 2 hours I opted to stop. No point catching a cold or anything.

In the PM I did my first outside run of the last 3 months. Ir was on the blvd and just over 1 mile. Frankie kept me company and I am more optimistic after this effort. Tomorrow is Alter G for another 30 minutes. Outside running doesn't feel any worse but I need to keep it conservative. More positives today. Coupled with the fact that I can now go to Sunset Rubdown. My clash is actually on June 10th so all happy days.

I ended up with with 14+ hours of Cross Training this week. It was all biking no doubt but hopefully when I get my legs back under me and if I get this knee sorted out I will have a good level of fitness. Just need this knee to work. Stressful times here on Humboldt.

Peace and Much Love,

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