Tuesday, May 5, 2009

They Took A Vote And Said No

PM: 1:46 Trainer Ride w/ 2 x 5 minutes hard, 5 x 1 minute hard, single leg drills.

I had a wonderful trip to Albany, NY to see Charles at Fleet Feet. Myself and the Boss hit the road early but got back at a reasonable hour so I was excited to get out for 40-50 miles. But as luck would have it the skies opened up when I was near home and the lashing rain and 48 degree temps forced me to attach the bike to my trusted trainer and I watched a replay of the Man U-Arsenal game. Ronaldo is Man U and that was very evident today.

I rode very hard on the bike and used two five minute tracks I love to play while doing my efforts. Music is such a great asset when your on the bike. Love it. I have some new music to check out recommended by Mr Ryan Hall. I spent all day listening to Bat For Lashes. I don't want to beat it to death but by now you understand my level of respect for this artist. A lovely trip to AS220 with Frankie, Wykes, Tarpy, Molly, and Kurt B has me in a very mellow mood tonight. Nothing like a couple of Narragansetts to ease in the dreams.

Tomorrow is Alter-G for the first time. I am very nervous but the information it gives me will determine my training over the next month. I just want to get to the Euro cross and after that, well, all sparks burn out in the end......

Love Kel


  1. Alright Kel
    How are things with you. I've being reading your blog for the last few weeks and i'm impressed with all the cycling you've put in. Best of luck with the Alter-G.

  2. is james hetfield going to make an appearance on the blog soon?

  3. Great tune Kel! Good luck on the Alter-G. When you coming to visit us @ PR?