Friday, May 15, 2009

MRI, Sunburn, Life

In San Diego airport dealing with another delay. I wanted to catch up on the latest news and when there is free wifi access its perfect for time wasting. Although I look at interweb surfing as more of an intellectual stimulus than watching mind numbing TV so maybe time wasting is not the right term. Anyway, Jamie Carmichael brightened my morning with the fabulous picture he posted with all his dogs. Thanks me man!

MRI results came but without consulting the Doctor I won't really know what the next step is. Of the 4 initial problems, 2 have healed and 2 remain. The stress fracture is pretty much healed. The bone swelling has gone and there is a nice gap between the femur head and tibia head. All positive. What is not positive is that there is still a 5-6 millimeter piece of cartilage floating around the joint and their is still a deep "pot hole" in my remaining cartilage (of which there is very little). The pain I am feeling now is the debris from the pothole and the small floating piece. I could try and deal with it by running through it, however I could easily create more problems and develop more weakness resulting in further Stress Fractures. The other option is another surgery to get rid of the debris and clean up the small remaining piece I have left. I think this is the most likely scenario. Finally there was talk of micro-fracture surgery which could result in complete healing but the commitment to time off is significant and at this stage I don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice a year of training and/or exercise. I will discuss in depth with Brian McKeon next week.

I am heading up to San Francisco now for the Bay 2 Breakers road race. Should be fun however I need to get back to Boulder. I had a great day there and hanging at the Toad with the Jonseys was wonderful. Got some severe sunburn on my arms that enhance my cycling tan. Apparently people are proud of their cycling tans. I think I look like a bit of a farmer.

OK, I have a lot to get my head around. The last few days were busy and mentally taxing. We at Reebok have lots of work ahead of us and some great challenges but the feedback was wonderful and it is great to know that some of the best dealers in the USA are supporting our efforts.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Yo Kel! Shit... going to miss you at B2B because we have our sales meeting this weekend. Third bloody year in a row. Listen man, we need to catch up some time. Are you back in Boulder for a while or still in Boston? I'm going to head back to Boulder for a week or so later this summer for some solid training.

    Take care of yourself alright