Monday, May 18, 2009

Julian Plenti

PM: 2 Hours Trainer with 25 minutes Tempo

I am having major bike troubles. OK, so I am actually having minor bike troubles but since I have no mechanical skill set these minor trials cause me major frustration. Basically I have a dodgy tire so I bought new ones. But I couldn't get the new ones on. Rather than risk getting another puncture I stayed on my trainer. It was raining so it wasn't a bad thing. And not to mention that Fagan is in town so we were catching up and he didn't mind my bike efforts. Tuned into the iPod for the tempo part of the ride. Why can't I get a tube and new tire on my bike? Very annoying. Coxy helped me and although he was much better he advised I stretch the tire out on the rim without a tube. Hopefully I will be able to ride tomorrow.

I had a long week out on the west coast and it is great to be back. I am feeling good about my knee and generally I have a better outlook than I had last week. Another major contributing factor to my mood is Julian Plenti. Who or what is Julian Plenti? It is the solo work of Paul Banks. Paul is the wonderful lead singer of one of my favorite bands ever, Interpol. Another member of the band, Sam Fogarino, has done inspiring work as Magnetic Morning and now it is time for Banks to do a solo project. He has played solo under the name Julian Plenti for many years but the tracks have never seemed to be more than live one offs, until now. You can download the new single from the link above. Of course it requires signing up for the news letter but thats a given. I want and even NEED to know when new stuff is coming out and if there is an opportunity to see Banks perform solo. Check out the song in the you tube below. He has a new album called Skyscraper coming out on Frankies B--Day, August 4th, and there has been leakage since I have found stuff on the blogosphere and even youtube has other tracks. They are all amazing. The first you tube below is what is available for download from his site but the other tracks are live, old, and sound stronger in my opinion or at least after initial listen. I don't know if they will be on the new album since he played them prior to TOTBL but they are beautiful so hopefully they will be resurrected. Check them out and try tell me he is not amazing. I have rambled and I am not sure if I am factual in my info but right now I need to get back to listening.......

Love Kel


  1. Hey Kel, give these guys a listen if you haven't already.

  2. Love Maps. To The Sky is one of my favorite songs of the last few years.