Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Hands Of The Watchman

PM: 45 Min Trainer Spin, Steady with some pick ups

I worked the Providence Cox Marathon Expo today. I don't know what it is about expo's but I never fail to leave without my legs feeling trashed, my mouth chapped, and my voice sounding like I smoke a pack a day. I planned a day off but I figured a nice spin would help me for tomorrow's long ride over the hills of Ct. And that was it, the Saturday 2nd of May, spent in the Westin ballroom with good people preparing to run either a half or full marathon. We did hit up Rasoi for some fine Indian food tonight. Plans to get the Hitman v Pacman fight went out the window since I am tired and want to get some kip before suffering on the saddle. Knee was a little sore on the floor today but that should be expected.

I still have not gotten to grips or discussed the fact that the Bat For Lashes show I was supposed to attend happened to be postponed. My devastation has been bottled up and I just hope the rescheduled date comes out soon. I would have bought tix to the NYC shows but they were sold out. And then I read stereogum today and find out that the show was simply breathtaking with the likes of David Byrne in attendance finding inspiration among the hopelessly devoted fans. Tough times in the Kelrock musical journey.......

Peace and Love,


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