Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Constructive

PM: 2 Hrs Trainer Ride with 10 x 3 minutes Power Intervals

Exhausted. Tonight was the hardest interval session I have done on the bike. I warmed up for 45 minutes and then did 8 x 1 min on/off to get the HR up and the legs really turning over. Then it was power interval time. I started off really hard to set the tone for the session and the whole way it was long and hard. By number 7 I was really struggling and by number 9 my HR was over 200 which is pretty much max. On the last one I was 201 for the last 2 minutes and I nearly threw up. Awesome stuff. Had some slamming techno in my ears and I kind of wish I actually did throw up, it would have made the session that bit more bad ass! I had some stuff going on that I needed to get out of my system and I was ready mentally after some tempo and steady state stuff to really test myself. Furthermore, from this session I will be able to use my HR to better monitor my next few tempo and steady state sessions. All this stuff is coming from Carmichael's book but its pretty straight forward and very similar to running. I have Alter-G in the AM which will be nice.

I got some more music suggestions to check out. The list is getting longer! Sunset Rubdown has leaked in full onto the internet and I am going to try avoid downloading so I can purchase the album at the gig on June 11th. I heard Apollo And The Buffalo + Anna Anna Anna OH at this blog. More fantastic music but thats all I am listening to until the gig.

I am too tired to write anymore so I am going to lie down and try to sleep. It will be futile but at least being horizontal in bed will aid my recovery before tomorrow. Although I can't stop looking at Sunset Rubdown youtube vids. Check out the Black Cab Session below.

Love KEL

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