Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They Drain Me Like A Vampire

PM: 2 Hours Endurance Miles. Blvd, Seekonk. Tired!

Had a nice evening ride in perfect temps. I was pretty tired from the off seeing as my HR was very elevated on the first, small climb. I persevered and kept pushing. What was supposed to be a very easy ride ended up being hard, not that I'm complaining. I work in reverse, the older I get the more hard days I want to do. Makes no sense but then again nothing in my athletic life has ever really made sense. I had a good talk with my Doctor today and I will be starting Alter-G and even some light grass running. He hopes to avoid my third knee surgery by allowing me to tolerate the small piece of cartilage in my joint. He seems to think surgery may not be that helpful since the erosion is so great. Basically more management of pain and more days away from running should see me return to full fitness. I cannot train properly for another month so I am targeting a July 1st return to a running program and that gives me just under 5 months to get ready for the Irish Inter-County, Euro Trials.

Julian Plenti is......Skyscraper. So looking forward to this album. The tracklist has been released and he is touring to support the album. From Pitchfork Media:

Plenti apparently "acquired the music production software Logic Pro" in 2006, allowing for him to make music without a band. Then he started making music without a band.

Banks/Plenti will play "select shows" in support of the new album.

Julian Plenti Is...Skyscraper:

01 Only If You Run
02 Fun That We Have
03 Skyscraper
04 Games for Days
05 Madrid Song
06 No Chance of Survival
07 Unwind
08 Girl on the Sporting News
09 On the Esplanade
10 Fly as You Might
11 H

I have the track "On The Esplande" and it is fantastic although a little weaker than the other two tracks I posted last night. I am disappointed that "Cellophane" is not on there but I don't want that to be perceived as a negative. I love the track and would love to hear it recorded but I know the album will be magic. Finally a challange for Two Suns by Bat For Lashes!

In other news, Radiohead are back in the studio recording a new album. I can't bring myself to say anymore and I feel bad even mentioning it here because I don't want to get excited beyond belief until I hear something recorded. Radiohead do this kind of thing all the time and it does not mean that an album is coming anytime soon. However, In Rainbows landed with no fanfair so.........

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